Partnering with Avant for cosmetic dentistry

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Avant smile design is changing how dentists approach cosmetic dentistry. Armed with the latest digital technology, dentists are now able to give their patients that perfect Hollywood smile. Here’s how.

This is changing the game for suburban dentists. Digital dentistry has now made it possible for the smallest practices to achieve patient outcomes as good as — or better than — the larger players. And patients are paying attention.

In the age of social media sharing, patient expectations are on the way up. But for many patients, cosmetic dentistry is no longer about achieving the perfect smile. Rather, patients are getting more specific about the smile that is perfect for them.

“Digital dentistry has now made it possible for the smallest practices to achieve patient outcomes as good as — or better than — the larger players.”

That’s where partnering with a dental lab can help. Avant Dental Leaders, for example, provides full-service smile design to achieve the particular specifications each patient wants.

It’s a bespoke approach to dentistry that can transform even the most basic practice into an exclusive cosmetic clinic. And, with Avant, you can be up and running in no time. In fact, it’s as easy as a simple five-step process.

Here’s how Avant smile design works:

Step 1: Patient consultation

Pre-planning is essential to achieve optimal results, so the clearer you are on the patient’s specific goals, the better the end product will be. The dentist discusses shapes, contours and proportions with the patient, and determines what they would like to improve on aesthetically. Then either impressions or a digital scan is taken, along with photographs of the patient’s current situation.

Step 2: Design proposal

Avant reviews the outcome of the patient consultation and produces a design proposal that details what we can achieve for the patient. We’ll identify the case type and recommend the most suitable materials we believe will achieve the best outcome. We’ll also create a computer generated design proposal that gives the dentist and the patient a visual representation of our proposal.

Step 3: Design approval

The dentist and patient review our proposal. You can share screen shots of the computer generated design with the patient, or you can remotely access the design via our online platform and make on-the-spot alterations with assistance from one of our experienced technicians in real time.

Step 4: 3D model trial

Once the computer generated design is approved, we print a 3D model of the design and produce either a suck-down template or a putty key (depending on the dentist’s preference) that the patient can place over their existing teeth as a temporary trial. After a period wearing the model, the patient might choose to make further alterations or go ahead with the treatment.

Step 5: Treatment begins

With the patient’s approval, we manufacture and colour match the required veneers, crowns, bridges and implants to the exact specifications in the design proposal. The dentist then begins treatment and the digital smile design process is complete.

Avant smile design is making it easier than ever for all dentists to access high-end cosmetic dentistry and deliver individualised outcomes that will delight your patients.

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