Avant Dental is gearing up for 2022

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It’s set to be a big 2022 for Avant Dental, and we’re inviting you along for the ride. As digital dentistry continues its meteoric rise, we’re here to support your digital workflows with the best dental products, techniques and service in the industry.

We’re also excited to unveil our new world-class Sydney lab, and will be launching a range of new products that we’ve designed to help improve your treatment outcomes and make your job easier.

We’re also committed to helping our dentists pursue continuing professional development and training. So along with continuing our popular webinars, we’re opening a brand new education centre in 2022 for clinical-based training sessions on all the latest techniques.

Digital dentistry in 2022

Digital dentistry will continue to transform the Australian dental industry through 2022. From sophisticated intraoral scanners to the emergence of in-house milling machines, there is a range of new digital tools and technology available to Australian dentists. At Avant, we’ve invested heavily in digital dentistry and are continuing to do so with the construction of our new Sydney-based lab.

But digital dentistry is about more than flashy new tech toys. The real power of digital dentistry is in its optimised workflows. Take impressions, for example. Dentists used to have to take physical impressions, book a pickup and wait for the lab to pour models to give feedback on preps and margins.

Now, your intraoral scanner can be connected directly to Avant’s digital platform, which means we can get started designing your required dental product before the patient has even left the building. It shaves days off the workflow, and that’s good for your patients — and for your bottom line.

Digital dentistry is also making it possible for dental practices to provide cosmetic treatments that were once limited to specialist clinics. Digital technologies like our new clear aligner product launching in 2022, are removing financial barriers for dental practices that want to expand into cosmetic treatments, and we expect to see more of it in 2022 and beyond.

Hot new products in 2022

New Zirconia Connect – it’s now possible to bond zirconia.

Zirconia Connect is a new zirconia bonding pretreatment agent that achieves the same clinical bonding effect as glass ceramics. This significantly improves the clinical bonding performance of zirconia.

The Laboratory simply sprays a layer of Zirconia Connect onto the surface of the zirconia . After just one sintering, Zirconia Connect crystallises into a lithium disilicate coating to complete the surface modification of the zirconia. The acid etching is used to form a rough porous morphology to achieve a surface roughness effect.

This process creates a tightly combined coating that creates a stable, durable, long-term adhesive bond. The ultra-thin micron-level lithium disilicate coating does not affect clinical placement, and adhesive force can support zirconia veneer bonding. Zirconia Connect is compatible with all zirconia materials.

Zirconia Veneers

It’s now possible to make natural veneers and ultra-transparent anterior restorations from zirconia. The product exceeds the previous translucency limit of zirconia, and is 40 percent stronger than glass ceramic*.

The preshade zirconia material is suitable for making 0.3mm to 0.5mm ultra-thin aesthetic veneer restorations, and the multi-layer zirconia material is ideal for making 0.5mm to 0.8mm aesthetic veneer and anterior restorations.

It is equipped with a specified shade matcher and clinical colour matching guideline, and thanks to the material utilisation rate, the material cost of a single zirconia veneer is lower than glass ceramics. It is also more flexible, has better biocompatibility, provides realistic gradient colours, and is easy to process.

Together with Zirconia Connect, successful Zirconia adhesive bonding is now possible and available at Avant.

*Evaluated by HV colour block according to GB30367-2013

An accessible clear aligner solution for minor refinements

We’re proud to announce the launch of our own line of clear aligners in 2022 that will change how you think about clear aligner treatments.

Avant’s new clear aligner range, for example, will be an accessible clear aligner solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing digital or manual workflows and is compatible with all digital scanners or manual impression processes so there’s no need to invest in additional equipment.

We’ve reduced the entire ordering and manufacturing process to a simple five-step workflow across a 10-working-day timeline, with direct and immediate phone or instant messaging access to the same lab technicians making your patients’ aligners.

Avant’s new clear aligner product will be launching later this year.

New veneer shade matching guides provide better accuracy

Avant is offering a new shade guide and chart to assist in colour matching for zirconia veneers specifically. We all know that shade matching can be difficult at the best of times. Matching the correct hue, chroma and value can be influenced by a range of factors including poor lighting, over saturated backgrounds and faded shade guides. That’s why it’s important to regularly update your shade matching charts.

Get ready for mouthguard season!

It’s time to start talking to your patients about mouthguard season. We offer three levels of protection in our custom fitted mouthguards, and cater for all ages and types of sport.

All our mouthguards are made from the leading thermoforming plastics with the latest in pressure-formed technology for superior protection and comfort.

Our single-layer Junior Mouthguard is ideal for a range of kids’ sports, while our two-layer Senior Mouthguard is the best choice for older teens and adults or anyone needing a little extra protection. Our three-layer Pro Mouthguard offers the highest level of protection.

We accept digital scans and traditional impressions, and can imprint custom lettering and phone numbers in all our custom fitted mouthguards. We also offer a large range of single and multi-colour options in block, single stripe or multi-stripe formats. Patients also love our eye-catching pearl, fluorescent and designer colour range.

Our new Sydney-based lab is coming soon!

As a leading digital lab, Avant is committed to making the latest technology, techniques and expertise accessible to our dentists. We’re putting our money where our mouth is and have invested in a new Sydney-based dental lab that will be at the forefront of the dental lab market in Australia.

Our new world-class lab is currently under construction. We’ll bring you an inside look in the coming months.

New training and development opportunities with Avant

We saw a high demand for learning and education options in 2021. Avant is going to meet this demand in 2022 with the launch of our brand new training and education centre.

We’ll invite dentists into a world-class lab setting to learn new skills and techniques. Our education centre includes a dedicated 30-person seminar room, and our clinically focused training sessions will qualify you for CPD points. We’ll also live stream from our facility for remote attendees, and we’ll cover topics including:

Our training sessions will also provide valuable opportunities to network with your fellow industry professionals.

More information is coming soon!

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