2023 Dental Industry Trends: Digital transformation and in-person workshops

2023 Dental Industry Trends: Digital transformation and in-person workshops image

Avant Dental is set to launch a new customer portal and in-person dental workshops in what’s shaping up to be a busy 2023. 

Welcome to 2023! It’s a brand new year for Australia’s dentists, and the team at Avant will be here by your side as we all work together to deliver world-class patient outcomes. Because that’s what dentistry is all about. 

There’s lots happening at Avant HQ in 2023, but our focus remains on finding ways to use the latest cutting-edge technology to enable dentists to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Digital transformation continues to be at the centre of that goal – for us and for many forward-thinking dental businesses. We’re planning to make some major strides in 2023 with a new lab management system and customer portal that will bring all the benefits of digital transformation to dental practices across the country.

Our new Refine Aligner solution is also set for a big year with a planned integration into our new customer portal that will make it even faster and easier for dentists to offer minor cosmetic, pre crown and bridge, or post-orthodontic aligner treatments

We’re rolling out Avant Education and will be complimenting our popular webinars with a series of practical, hands-on workshops in 2023 to be held in-person at our brand new education centre in Sydney. And we’ll be including dentists in regional New South Wales with plans to hold in-person dental workshops in regional centres in 2023. 

We’ll also be jetting off to Germany on a fact-finding mission to the International Dental Show. We’ll be checking out all the latest technological innovations in the global dental industry, and will bring the best back home with us to ensure Australian dentists continue to have access to the world’s latest dental technologies through Avant. 


One portal to rule them all: Avant set to introduce a new lab management system

Avant will continue our fundamental commitment, to enable digital transformation for dentists, with a new lab management system ready for implementation in early 2023 – and a customer portal coming later in the year. 

It will mean all your Avant cases and communications will be centrally managed in one online portal. No more trawling through email or text messages to find case information or order status. You’ll simply log into a single Avant customer service portal where you can review and manage end-to-end workflows for all your Avant cases. 

“We’re constantly striving to improve our customers’ experiences, and our new lab management system will really help us do that,” explains Richard Salter, Managing Director at Avant Dental.

“It will help us provide much more visibility for dentists into case progress. Dentists will be able to log into the lab management portal from their laptops, tablets or smartphones from anywhere, at any time. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to check on the progress of any and every case or order in seconds.”

The new lab management system will also centralise communications between dentists and Avant. Dentists will have real-time support access to Avant technicians through the portal, and all communications will be brought into a single place for fast and easy access. 

“Dentists will also be able to receive automatic progress updates on all cases – from pre-treatment planning right through to design proposals and approvals, and product manufacturing,” Richard explains.

“It’s all about making dentists’ jobs easier. The main goal of our lab management system and customer portal is to take the admin burden off of dentists and their support staff so you have more time to dedicate to your patients and business, while at the same time giving dentists more confidence that all your workflows are on track and viewable 24/7 from any internet-connected device.” 

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Refine Aligner going strong: A new solution for minor cosmetic restorations 

Avant launched Refine Aligner in 2022, and this year looks set to be another big year for our new cosmetic and post-orthodontic aligner product. Refine Aligner will be integrated into our new lab management system and customer portal in 2023, which means you can expect the ease and confidence of a fully digitised Refine Aligner workflow alongside your other Avant products. 

“This is going to help streamline the Refine Aligner workflow even more,” Richard explains. “One of the big advantages Refine Aligner has over other aligner systems on the market is that Refine Aligner is manufactured in Australia at our state-of-the-art facility, which means we can turn around cases much faster than other larger aligner players that are manufactured overseas.”

Avant has also invested in a new laser cutter that will increase our manufacturing capacity while maintaining Refine Aligner’s precise accuracy. 

Refine Aligner is ideal for minor cosmetic, pre-bridge and crown, and post-orthodontic work. All Refine Aligner cases follow an easy seven-step workflow that will be trackable online via our new customer portal in 2023.  

The seven-step end-to-end workflow covers every stage in the aligner process. It begins with an intra oral scan or manual impression. Once the case is submitted to Avant, we prepare a treatment plan and video for your review and approval. Then we manufacture the aligners from TGA-approved materials with our new laser cutter in our state-of-the-art Sydney facility. Following an internal quality control process, a patient kit for the first six stages of the treatment is delivered to your practice. 

“This is part of our commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology that brings world-class digital dentistry solutions to Australian dentists in an efficient and cost-effective way,” says Richard. 

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Hands-on training for dentists: Avant Education goes hands on in 2023

You may be familiar with our popular education and training webinars that focus on sharing tips and insights from Australia’s leading dental professionals. In 2023, Avant will complement our ongoing webinar series with hands-on, in-person workshops at our brand-new education facility in Sydney.

“We’re taking education to the next level in 2023,” says Richard. “Our purpose-built facility in Sydney is capable of hosting 20 to 30 people for in-person hands-on workshops. We’re planning to run at least four workshops in 2023, and we’ll be inviting industry specialists to run the practical sessions.” 

Workshop participants will earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points as per Australian Dental Board CPD Guidelines. 

In the first workshop in the series, Dr RL Castillo, Professional Development Manager at GC Australasia Dental, will run dentists through a practical three-hour injection moulding workshop on 24 January 2023.

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Avant goes regional: Dental workshops coming to country NSW  

Avant is not forgetting country dentists. We’ll also be taking our in-person workshops on the road in 2023 to locations throughout regional New South Wales. Our first regional hands-on workshop is planned for the mid North Coast in February.

“We’ve identified a lack of regional support in terms of dentistry courses, and we want to be part of the solution,” says Richard. “We serve many country dentists, and we want our regional customers to feel as valued as our city dentists. 

“That’s the beauty of digital dentistry – with an intraoral scanner and an internet connection, any regional dentist can access the same quality Avant services and support as any dentist practising in a major city.”

Regional dentists will also have access to Avant’s new lab management system and customer portal, with the same real-time technician support and high-tech treatment planning that’s available to city dentists. 

“Technology and digital transformation has closed the gap between treatment outcomes patients expect in the city and treatment outcomes patients can access in regional areas,” Richard explains. “If you have an intraoral scanner and an internet connection, we can provide you with Avant’s full suite of services.” 

Avant’s regional workshops will also give country dentists a chance to meet other dental professionals in their area. Workshops will be followed with dinner and drinks in a long-awaited return to in-person networking. 

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Avant overseas: The International Dental Show

Richard and I are set to attend the International Dental Show (IDS) in Germany this 14-18 March. The IDS is the leading international trade fair for the global dental industry, and will exhibit and explore the latest cutting-edge technologies, innovations and trends that will shape the dental industry for the next decade.

“This is an exciting fact-finding mission for us,” Richard says. “We’re all about forward thinking and bringing the world’s best dental technology back home to Australian dentists, and all the latest innovations will be on show at the IDS. We’ll be looking at everything from next-gen 3D printing technologies to the latest intraoral scanners.

“For us, it’s all about finding the technologies that are going to make dentists’ jobs easier while improving patient outcomes and boosting profitability for dentists. If we can achieve that then everyone wins.”

Stay tuned to the Avant blog for all our findings from the IDS.

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