New support service for dentists: It’s okay to ask for help

New support service for dentists: It’s okay to ask for help image

Avant Dental works with dentists around Australia, and we know just how stressful running a busy dental business can be. Juggling clinical time with the demands of managing a dental practice usually means long hours beside the chair and behind a desk.

We also understand the stress that comes with keeping your team paid and happy, moving mountains to meet and exceed patient expectations, and ensuring there’s enough left in the bottom line to cover your bills.

Then throw the Covid-19 pandemic into the mix, and it’s easy to see why many dental practitioners are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

It’s a heavy burden to carry, but you don’t have to do it alone. We all must look after ourselves so we can give the best possible care to our patients, employees and families. And that means being mindful about our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to ask for help. The Dental Practitioners Support service is an excellent place to start. Launched in July last year, it is Australia’s first national 24/7 telephone (1800 377 700) and online support service ( dedicated to dental practitioners.

“We all must look after ourselves so we can give the best possible care to our patients, employees and families.”

The service provides confidential health and wellbeing advice and referrals to dental practitioners via an easily accessible and anonymous platform.

The website offers a wide range of free information and resources, and dental practitioners are invited to follow its active social media channels.

Free resources on the website include:

— Staying healthy
Tips and strategies for maintaining health and wellbeing including exercise, mindfulness and sleep

— Mental health
Tips and self-care strategies for identifying and dealing with anxiety and depression.

— Professional obligations
Advice about how to ensure your health and your colleagues’ health is not impaired to a degree that puts your patients at risk of harm.

— Promotional resources
Free dental practitioner support poster and brochure you can display in your staff area and distribute to your team.

— Workplace
How to identify and deal with workplace issues such as bullying and harassment, burnout and workplace stress.

— Life
Support options available for dental practitioners suffering from addiction (including drugs, alcohol and gambling) or chronic pain.

Callers to the free telephone line also have access to an experienced team who can provide immediate support, advice and referrals on a wide range of health and wellbeing related issues.

Dental Practitioner Support is run by leading addiction treatment, research and education organisation, Turning Point. It operates independently of the Dental Board of Australia, so confidentiality is guaranteed.

Whatever you’re going through at work or in your personal life, you don’t have to do it alone. Remember that confidential support is just a free phone call or click away.

Dental Practitioner Support
Phone: 1800 377 700

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