The new game-changing zirconia

The new game-changing zirconia image

Wide-spread digital transformation is revolutionising the dental industry. But it’s the release of the strongest, most translucent zirconia material in the world today that we believe will usher in the next era in restorative indications. 

Rapidly advancing digital technology is transforming the dental industry at pace. Dental practitioners across the industry are reaping the benefits of new cutting-edge digital tools and workflows that enable dentists to deliver personalised patient outcomes faster and more cost effectively than ever. 

But that’s only part of the digital transformation story. New technologies and materials are also revolutionising manufacturing processes at the dental lab level. In fact, the design, engineering and manufacture of dental products has never been more sophisticated. 

And the game is set to change again with the release of the strongest, most translucent zirconia material in the world today. Aidite 3D Pro Zir is the exciting next era in restorative indications. 

Introducing Aidite 3D Pro Zir

Until now, dental crown manufacture was a weak link in the restorative arsenal. Traditional ceramic crowns are only layered on the surface, which leaves them vulnerable to unsightly chipping. 

3D Pro Zir changes that with a gradient layering manufacturing process that achieves chip-proof construction. This achieves a new level in bio compatibility with strength at the incisal layer very similar to the strength of natural enamel — without the excessive abrasiveness of older products.

This means that 3D Pro Zir wears at the same rate as natural enamel, and is virtually chip proof at around 10 times the strength of traditional layered ceramic.


“3D Pro Zir achieves a new level in bio compatibility with strength very similar to natural enamel.”


The next era in digital manufacturing 

But 3D Pro Zir is not just any old zirconia crown. The multi- gradient layering manufacturing  also achieves an industry-leading gradient colour transition with unparrellent translucency (57 per cent).

This, along with a 16-shade colour matching system, means we can now deliver a completely new level in personalised aesthetics to match the product’s vastly superior strength. 

It all comes down to the next-generation manufacturing process. Uniform two-way dry pressing ensures stable density and performance, and isostatic pressing creates an ultra-high isotropic pressure state. High temperature crystallisation is then achieved with step-by-step heating at a homogenous temperature field. 


“We can now deliver a completely new level in personalised aesthetics to match the product’s vastly superior strength.”


Based on the world’s best raw materials  

A cutting-edge manufacturing process requires the finest raw materials. That’s why zirconia powder for 3D Pro Zir is sourced from the world’s leading zirconia powder producer. 

Tosoh Corporation uses the latest hydrolysis processes and nano-technologies to produce the ultimate zirconia powder. The globally-trusted brand maintains complete control over the production process to ensure the highest purity and quality. 

Uniform dispersion with superior sintering properties produces a fine crystal grain structure that achieves superior strength, fracture toughness and resistance to wear and aging. 

Holistic in-lab design and engineering

Of course, the world’s best raw materials and a cutting-edge  gradient layering manufacturing process  doesn’t amount to a hill of beans unless it also improves the patient experience. 

3D Pro Zir delivers on that front too. Manual impressions are relegated to the dark ages. Instead, digital scanning is used for far greater accuracy and patient comfort. 

At the dental lab, a holistic digital system is used to design, mill, grind, stain and glaze the dental product. This ensures a faster, more cost effective, accurate and personalised outcome for each and every patient. 

3D Pro Zir: Tech Specs

3D Pro Zir: Recommended Indications


“I have been using this type of zirconia crown for some time. The translucency is very good. Very similar to emax. You can see the light go through the crown easily. Never had a problem with it.”

Dr. Babak Moharrami              

3D Pro Zir is the strongest, most translucent zirconia material available in the world today. The finest raw materials go into a  gradient layering manufacturing process, and a holistic in-lab digital engineering system has been designed to fit into your existing digital workflows to ensure faster, stronger and more cost effective patient outcomes. 

For more information about how to use 3D Pro Zir in your dental business, please email or phone 1800 287 336.

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