Ian Feigen

Technical Services Director

Ian has spent a lot of time in the clinical environment, working directly with dentists and their patients, honing his communication skills and understanding the needs of dentists. Qualifying as a Dental Technician in 1981, he spent time overseas learning advanced techniques, before being made Lab Manager and Lead Technician on his return to Australia. Under the guidance of leading dental scientist, surgeon and implant pioneer Dr Olbert Rogers OAM, they developed new techniques with implants and ceramics that shaped the industry and are still relevant today. Operating his own lab for the next
 25 years, he recognised the transformation of the industry and in 2014 joined the Avant team. Using his advanced technical and communication skills he built the lab team that keeps Avant at the forefront of crown and bridge implants and removable prosthetic restorations in Australia.

Ian Feigen image
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