Avant uses the latest in periodontal technology to craft custom sports mouthguards that deliver the highest level of comfort and protection for patients participating in contact sports or activities. Single-layer Junior, two-layer Senior and three-layer Pro protection is available, and we use leading thermoforming plastics to ensure a precise fit and excellent durability.


Precision fitment

Every Avant sports mouthguard is designed from detailed oral scans or impressions to precisely fit the patient’s dentition, oral tissue and jaw structure. This ensures superior protection and comfort for junior to professional-level athletes.

Superior materials

Our custom-made mouthguards are constructed from non-toxic, BPA-free thermoplastics that are safe for oral use. Thermoplastics are also extremely durable and achieve a high degree of mouldability, flexibility and impact resistance.


Custom layer protection

Our three-layer Pro sports mouthguards provide the highest level of protection for heavy impact sports. Two-layer Senior protective mouthguards are an effective solution for adult athletes, and our single-layer Junior sports mouthguards have been custom designed for kids.


What are the benefits of a custom sports mouthguard?

Superior protection: Avant’s custom-made mouthguards are specifically designed to fit each patient’s teeth, jaw and oral tissue to offer superior tooth protection against impact than over-the-counter alternatives.

Added jaw protection: Custom protective mouthguards are designed to fit and support the patient’s jaw. This can help to reduce the occurrence and severity of jaw injuries in high-impact collision sports.

Reduced grinding and clenching: Not all tooth and jaw injuries are caused by impact. Some patients may experience grinding and clenching during sporting activities. A custom sports mouthguard can help prevent damage from sports-related grinding and clenching.

Increased comfort and compliance: A custom sports mouthguard is designed to fit the patient precisely. This improves the comfort of the protective mouthguard, which typically increases patient compliance.

Improved athletic performance: Custom-made mouthguards are designed to enable normal breathing and communication. This is particularly important for elite and professional athletes who require a sports mouthguard that does not impede their athletic performance.

What materials are used to make a protective mouthguard?

All Avant custom-made mouthguards are made from non-toxic, BPA-free thermoplastics that achieve a high degree of mouldability, flexibility and impact resistance.

Thermoplastics are also extremely durable, and are free from harmful chemicals for safe oral use.

How does Avant make sports mouthguards?

The dentist provides detailed oral scans or impressions and Avant’s expert technicians make a model of the patient’s dentition. Then we mould flexible thermoplastics to precisely fit the model.

Following cooling and trimming, the mouthguard is assessed for fit and any necessary adjustments are made.

Why choose Avant for sports mouthguards?

Avant offers three different levels of custom sports mouthguards to suit a range of ages, applications and budgets.

Our single-layer Junior mouthguards provide excellent protection for children, while our two-layer Senior mouthguards have been designed to provide superior protection for adults. We also offer three-layer Pro mouthguards for top-level protection.

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