Avant’s dentures are made using CAD/CAM and injection moulding technology to produce a prosthetic device built to replace missing teeth. Avant offers both full and partial dentures  as well as flexible solutions.

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How do I fit a denture around a new crown?

As long as the current tooth still fits well with the existing denture, take one impression/scan of the pre-op prior to prepping the tooth. Then take another impression/scan of the denture in situ over the prep.

There's a gap between the denture and my patients gum. How do I proceed?

Take a reline impression, followed by a pick up impression.

The bite is not even on my patients dentures. How do I proceed?

Take an silicon bite in a slightly open bite position. Ideally, prior to the first point of contact.

What type of impression would you prefer for denture repairs & additions?

Pick up impression with the denture in situ and pour up the impression with the denture inside the impression. Do not remove the denture from the impression until the model is poured.

Can I send a digital scan for splints & dentures?

Yes! We accept scans for all types of restorations and appliances.

Can we make chrome dentures with valplast clasps?

Yes we can.

How do I proceed if a casting is not fitting?

Use occlusal spray on the fitting surface of the casting and try to fit it in the mouth. Where the spray wipes off, adjust the casting with a carbide bur.
If the discrepancy is too much, please retake a new impression.

Will Replacement Dentures Ever Be Required?

Tissue will resorb over time. Recommend to replace every 6 to 7 years.

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