Denture castings are the foundation of strong, durable and natural non-implant restorations. We design and manufacture custom-made denturecastings that provide a secure framework to mount prosthetic dental devices that precisely match the shape, size and colour of the patient’s natural teeth.

denture casting

Peerless precision and accuracy

Avant uses the latest 3D printing technology to precisely manufacture all our denture castings to detailed custom specifications. We also use layer-by-layer laser sintering to achieve intricate and complex geometries, high strength, and durability.

Highest quality materials

We manufacture all our denture castings from comprehensively tired and tested materials. Our denture castings are made from high quality Vitallium Chrome Cobalt or PEEK thermoplastic polymer to achieve outstanding strength, wear and corrosion resistance.

Denture casting
denture casting

Attention to detail

Avant pays close attention to the aesthetic impact of our denture castings. We offer a wide choice of tooth-coloured, tissue-coloured and clear clasps to ensure our castings seamlessly blend into the patient’s overall restoration.

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What are denture castings?

Denture castings are a type of metal base plate or framework that is used as a foundation for a wide range of dental restorations, and is often used as an alternative to implant restorations.

It is designed to fit around the patient’s existing dentition, and may be clipped to their natural teeth for additional stability. Custom-made dental restoration prosthetics such as dentures, bridges and crowns are then mounted on the casting.

What materials are used to make denture castings?

Avant uses high quality Vitallium Chrome Cobalt or PEEK material to manufacture our dental castings.

Chrome cobalt is ideal for making lightweight denture castings that are highly resistant to wear and corrosion, and can withstand the forces of chewing and grinding without fracturing or breaking. It also has excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and can be used in combination with acrylics or ceramics.

PEEK – or polyetheretherketone – is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer that is highly biocompatible, closely resembles natural teeth, and has high elasticity and flexibility similar to natural tooth structures.

What are the benefits of dental castings?

Longevity: Denture castings are the foundation of long-lasting restorations that, with the correct oral care, can last for many years.

Precision: Well-made denture castings can improve the accuracy of the tooth shape, and create a precise fit for optimal function, comfort and aesthetics.

Versatility: Denture castings can be used with various dental restorations, including inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and implant restorations, and be customised for individualised treatment plans.

How does Avant make denture castings?

Avant uses a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM design process that is compatible with all oral scanning software to achieve industry-leading precision.

Our 3D-printed denture castings are then manufactured with layer-by-layer laser sintering technology to accurately replicate intricate and complex geometries, while maintaining strength and durability.

Why choose Avant for denture castings?

Avant’s denture castings combine precision and durability to help you achieve natural-looking restorations that stand the test of time.

We use high quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to deliver consistent results, and our expert technicians oversee every step in the design and manufacturing process.

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