Avant’s removable prosthodontics are a cost-effective, non-invasive option to restore function and improve aesthetics. All our removable restorations are designed by our expert technicians and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure precise fit, reliable function and superior durability.


Accurate dental castings are critical to achieve successful removable restorations. All our castings are laser sintered to millimetre-perfect precision, and made of high-quality Vitallium Chrome Cobalt or PEEK thermoplastic polymer for outstanding strength, wear and corrosion resistance.

Avant Dental_Removable Restorations-castings
Avant Dental_Removable Restorations-dentures


Dentures are a popular cost-effective removable prosthodontic device for patients looking for a non-invasive solution to replace missing teeth. All Avant’s removable dentures are designed with CAD/CAM software and manufactured with the latest injection moulding technology


Avant’s occlusal splints are designed to protect natural teeth, crowns and implants from wear and grinding habits, and custom made from hard or soft plastic to fit over the patient’s upper or lower teeth.

Avant Dental_Removable Restorations_splints
Avant Dental_Removable Restorations_Ortho Retainer


Quality retainers are critical for preventing post-orthodontic relapse. Our custom-made retainers are designed for a precise fit to ensure patient comfort and compliance, and manufactured with advanced orthodontic technologies.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners have popularised removable restorations over the last several years, and Avant’s Refine Aligner applies the latest clear aligner technology to create an accessible solution for minor refinements. Treatment plans start with just three stages for simple cases.


Sports Mouthguards

Avant’s junior, senior and pro sports mouthguards are made using the leading thermoforming plastics, and crafted with the latest in periodontal technology for superior protection and comfort when participating in contact sports or activities.



What are removable prosthodontic restorations?

Removable prosthodontics refers to a range of restoration or orthodontic treatments that predominantly use removable dental prosthetics to replace missing teeth. They are designed to restore oral function, improve aesthetics and enhance the patient’s quality of life, and can be taken out of the mouth by the patient for cleaning and maintenance.

What are the benefits of removable prosthodontics?

Restore function: Removable restorations help restore the patients’ ability to chew, bite, and speak that may have been impacted by missing teeth.

Improve aesthetics: Removable dental prosthetics replace missing teeth to enhance the patient’s smile. Removable dental prosthetics like dentures also help to maintain facial structure by supporting the lips and cheeks.

Lower cost: Removable prosthodontics typically cost less than fixed dental restorations like dental bridges or implant crowns.

Non-invasive: Removable restorations usually do not require invasive procedures like dental implant surgery. This makes them suitable for patients with underlying health conditions that may make them ineligible for surgical interventions.

What are the different types of removable prosthodontic restorations?

Avant manufacturers full and partial dentures that are custom designed to precisely fit the natural contours of the patient’s jawbone and oral tissues to achieve good stability without the need for surgically-placed dental implants.

We also design and manufacture removable overdentures that are mounted onto surgically-placed dental implants for greater stability.

Why choose Avant for removable prosthodontic restorations?

Precise fit and superior durability are critical to achieving successful removable restorations. Our expert technicians closely collaborate with dentists throughout the treatment planning process to ensure all our removable dental prosthetics precisely fit the patient to achieve the best possible stability and comfort.

We only use high quality materials that have been comprehensively tried and tested for superior durability and aesthetic appeal.

What Dentists Say About Us

I have been working with Avant for five and half years now. I switched between 5 different dental labs before finding Avant and I’ve been with them till now. It is a pleasure working with them in all aspects – specifically their customer care and support is the best. I truly recommend them to all dentists.

Dr Babak Moharrami image
Dr Babak Moharrami, Practice Owner BMB Dental Clinic, Mona Vale NSW

I wanted to relay my experience so far with Avant as a clinician and as owner of Tranquility Dentistry. We engaged Avant on recommendation from a colleague, to perform some work. From the initial contact through every case so far we have received great support, timely communication and quality workmanship. The team at Avant have been receptive of feedback, and they encourage it to ensure their work is of the highest standard. In addition it is easy to get in touch to ask questions about laboratory jobs or assistance with treatment planning. All of this is boosted by the very reasonable pricing of their lab work. I have no issue continuing to use Avant for any future lab cases.

Dr Ben Cosson, Practice Owner Tranquility Dentistry, Yamanto QLD

I would happily recommend ADL to my colleagues for crown and bridgework as they perform in the important areas of price, quality and service. The price speaks for itself and I must confess I have paid more than twice as much elsewhere for inferior work. The quality of the crowns is excellent in appearance and fit. I rarely need to adjust the bite. Marginal fit and contacts are also excellent.

Service is excellent as on the rare occasion that things are not perfect I have phoned the Laboratory and the issue has quickly been rectified. My centre manager also likes ADL as she has no trouble with pick-ups and deliveries and finds communicating with ADL a pleasure. Wax-ups have been excellent and advice with Implant cases is always helpful.

I have no reservations in endorsing ADL.

Dr Colin Morrison, Lead Dentist Manuka ACT

I have used many dental labs in many countries over the past 23 years of my dental career. Using a dental lab that is out of our state, as my preference is a testament to Ian and his crew at Avant.

Ian is always available to discuss difficult cases and his friendly, professional and helpful nature combines well with his vast knowledge, experience and skill.

Almost 100% of the work fits first time, every time and on the rare occasion it does not fit Ian is always at hand to remedy the situation.

I can highly recommend Ian and his team, two thumbs up!

Dr Collin Veeran, BS (UDW) BDS (WITS) Maven Dental Busselton WA

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