Why Choose Refine Aligner


With treatment plans starting with just 3 stages, Refine Aligner provides the most accessible packages for patients who have already invested in major orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry and want to get their perfect smile back.

Refinement for Simple Cases

The perfect solution for patients who need minor refinements after ortho treatment or before restorative or cosmetic treatments.

Expertise and Support

Immediate and direct phone or instant messaging access to our expert lab technicians who make your aligners, and all other fixed and removable restorations. Our world-leading lab technicians will be with you through the whole process. Refine Aligner is made in Australia.

Patient Hygiene

Designed by certified orthodontists and fabricated to your patient’s personal needs, our full-service lab has more than 40 years experience in restorations. We help make mouths more functional and improve the patient experience with aligners that aid both cosmetic and orthodontic outcomes.

Ease and Speed

Compatible with all intraoral digital scanning systems, we also accept physical impressions. Leverage your existing digital workflow without the need to buy any new equipment, get aligners delivered within one week from the order being placed, and fast turnaround on replacement trays.

Introducing Refine Aligner

Avant Dental’s new Refine Aligner makes dentists smile, because we improve your treatment outcomes without adding to your daily workload.

Life gets in the way, patients don’t wear their retainers, and teeth inevitably move. That’s why we’ve designed Refine Aligner for patients who need minor refinements before or after investing in major orthodontic, cosmetic or restorative treatments.

With our most accessible packages starting from just three stages, patients can use Refine Aligner to safeguard their financial investment, mouth function and aesthetics, and not have to make another big investment to get their perfect smile back.

The Refine Aligner Advantage

You’re partnering with the leading technologically progressive lab in Australia. And because we’ve turned workflow management into a fine art:

  • We can incorporate CBCT scans for crown/root movement for major treatments.
  • We can decide when each movement occurs, including expansion, rotations, intrusion, extrusion, mesialisation and digitalisation.
  • We can plan the amount of interproximal reduction needed for improved teeth movement.
  • We give complete control to the dentist and only make the next series of aligner stages in short turnarounds when they are required as this reduces refinement delays and unhappy patients.

“My aligner jobs are often simpler ones that give great satisfaction to our clients. It is so good to have excellent workmanship, reliability and excellent customer service along with a lab that can guide me in my more demanding jobs. I can thoroughly recommend Avant Dental as they will give you great fitting aligners that give a superb finish.”

Dr Roy Robertson 

“I started using Avant’s clear aligners about 3 years ago and found them to be an amazing clear aligner alternative for my patients. The benefit of discussing every case with the team at Avant makes the whole process easy and enjoyable for both the dentist and patient. I highly recommend Avant’s Refine Aligner.”

Dr Osama Hanna

The Easy Refine Aligner Workflow

dental retainer avant

What you need to get started

We know that if you want to provide the best possible treatment outcomes, the small details matter. The more information we have, the more accurately we can plan out the movements. That’s why we’ll ask you to provide a few details, including:

Digital – clean intraoral scans from any scanner:

  • Maxillary scan
  • Mandibular scan
  • Bite scan (in MIP or teeth touching)

Manual impressions:

  • Maxillary impression
  • Mandibular impression
  • Bite registration (in MIP or teeth touching)


  • Full face (not smiling)
  • Full face (smiling)
  • Profile (not smiling)

Additional information:

  • Is IPR needed?
  • Are attachments needed?
  • What are the patient’s goals with the aligners?
  • Are we only correcting minor aesthetic problems or do you want us to improve other functions as well?

Refine Aligner makes your job easier

As a leading digital dental lab, we’ve turned workflow management into an art. Refine Aligner is compatible with all intraoral scanner systems or if you haven’t joined the digital journey we accept impressions as well. We can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows with no fuss and no new equipment required. And that means you’re free to work on your patients’ smiles while we work on yours — because making dentists happy is our mission.

We’ve reduced the entire planning process to a simple five-step workflow across a 2-week timeline.

Easy Case Submission Timeline

Week 1 – Sending a case:

1. Take an intraoral scan or a physical impression.
2. Complete an order form and upload the case materials or book a pick-up
if required.

Within 1-2 working days:

3. Avant Dental reviews your case and provides a treatment plan and a video showing the movement of the treatment for your review and approval.

Week 2:

4. Refine Aligner trays are manufactured from TGA-approved materials and are Quality Control checked.

5. The patient kit (including an aligner case, removal key and chewies) and first trays are delivered to your practice.