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    Our Current Turnaround Times

    At Avant Dental, we offer 2 different price structures. A classic range and a priority range. 

    Classic Range – Made in our advanced international lab facility delivering competitive pricing without compromising the quality of the product. Turnaround – 2 weeks in lab*

    Priority Range – Made in our advanced local lab facility located in Sydney offering faster turnaround times at a premium price. Turnaround – 1 week in lab*

    *Please allow 1 day each way for couriers.

    We manufacture in the best facilities around the world, including right here in our technologically advanced lab in Sydney. This allows us to deliver the best quality with competitive pricing and flexible turnaround-times. 

    To enable dentists to provide the best dental care to their patients, we focus on building the partnership between dentists and our senior technicians. Great communication is the key to providing accurate, world-class products to dentists, and ensuring remakes are rare.

    Avant is at the forefront of the digital transformation taking place in dentistry, allowing business-minded dentists to run more efficient practices.

    Avant’s advanced Quality assurance (QA) program is proactive to achieve continuous improvement in our operations. In today’s modern digital age, high quality restorations and TGA compliance are expected from all dental labs in Australia.

    At Avant, we have implemented an effective Quality Assurance & Quality Control system to personalise dentistry for our dentists – this sets us apart.

    We have established multiple quality check stations within the lab to ensure that every stage within the production line passes our stringent quality standards.

    We understand how important open communication with your dental lab is and every dentist has their own personal preference.

    Avant allows direct communications with our senior technicians to discuss complex cases to provide the best solution for your patients

    Technology has allowed us to utilise digital as an advantage and virtually invite our dentists to review and approve designs from their own surgery.