Free Dental Webinar About Zirconia Preparations: Critical Success Factors

Free Dental Webinar: Zirconia Preparations – Critical Success Factors image

New zirconia materials and advances in zirconia manufacturing technology have made zirconia the go-to 21st-century option for dental restorations.

But many dentists still have questions about zirconia restorations. From tooth preparation to accurate shade matching and proper bonding techniques, we answer all your frequently asked zirconia questions.

In this free webinar, Dr Lawrence Neville from Spa Dental in Sydney joins Avant Dental’s Ian Feigen and Richard Salter to set out the ultimate guide to zirconia preparations for dentists. Dr Neville is the practice owner and principal dentist at Spa Dental in Sydney. He is a gIDE Dental Implant Master and has performed more than 30,000 hours of clinical treatment.

We’ll discuss:

– The key advantages of zirconia restorations
– When to use zirconia restorations, and when not to
– Why partnering with a good dental lab is critical
– How to prepare a tooth for zirconia restoration
– How to get zirconia shade matching right
– Why many dentists are moving to zirconia bonding

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