Free Dental Webinar on Sleep Bruxism Treatment

Free Dental Webinar: Understanding and Treating Sleep Bruxism with Dr Damian Teo image

Most people experience sleep bruxism. It’s a common reaction to stress, but there can be more serious underlying causes involved. Sleep apnoea, for example, is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder that can trigger sleep bruxism.

Dentists are in the best position to screen for sleep apnoea, and identifying the condition is critical before proceeding with any bruxism treatment. That’s because treating sleep apnoea patients with a standard occlusal splint may actually worsen their condition.

In this webinar, Dr Damian Teo, Director of the Melbourne Dental Sleep Clinic, joins Avant Dental’s Richard Salter to explain the factors at play in sleep bruxism, and what dentists should know about treating patients with sleep apnoea.

We’ll discuss:

– Bruxism’s relationship with sleep and stress
– Why hormones and diet can trigger bruxism
– How sleep apnoea contributes to bruxism
– How dentists can assess sleep quality
– When to use splints, and when not to
– Critical importance of using sleep apnea splints

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