Free Dental Webinar on the Latest Innovations in Dental Injection Moulding

Free Dental Webinar: Latest innovations in dental injection moulding image

Have you tried injection moulding in the past? It could be time to revisit the technique. Innovative new materials have solved many of the problems traditionally associated with injection moulding, and many dentists are now achieving ceramic-like results with faster, simpler, less invasive and more affordable composite injectables for aesthetic restorations.

Injection moulding is not what it used to be. Injectable composites were once criticised as too weak for use in restorative dentistry. However, advancements in injectable materials and injection moulding techniques have changed the game. As a result, injection moulding is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to indirect restorations like ceramic veneers. That’s largely because injection moulding is cheaper, faster and, in some cases, more durable than ceramics. Injection moulding techniques are also less invasive for the patient, and injectable composites are fully repairable chair-side. It doesn’t require specialised tools and injection moulding techniques are simple enough to learn via training webinars or in hands-on short courses. That means no big investments are needed for dentists to start offering direct composite treatment options to patients.

In this webinar, Dr RL Castillo, Professional Development Manager at GC Australasia Dental, joins Avant Dental’s Ian Feigen and Richard Salter to discuss the latest innovations in injection moulding and set out a simple workflow for dentists.

We’ll discuss:
– How new injection moulding materials are changing the game
– Common treatment applications for injection moulding
– How Avant Dental can assist in the injection moulding process
– The importance of smile design and pre-treatment planning
– How to prepare teeth for injection moulding treatments
– The injection moulding technique and removing excess
– How to polish composite restorations to a ceramic-like finish

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