Free Dental Webinar: Inside the next giant leap in Implant Dentistry

Free Dental Webinar: Inside the next giant leap in Implant Dentistry image

Avant Dental is proud to bring you the next game-changing revolution in implant dentistry. Matrix® by TRI Dental Implants is the world’s first implant connection designed for the latest digital manufacturing technologies.

Matrix® is a 100% screw-retained dental implant solution with no abutment and no manual cementation required. The Red Dot Award-winning technology reduces clinical time, increases precision, matches the strength of traditional abutments, and cuts treatment costs.

That’s why Avant is excited to be one of Australia’s leading labs pioneering Matrix® dental implants in Australia.

In this webinar, Joseph Davies, CEO at TRI Dental Implants Australia/New Zealand, joins Avant Dental’s Ian Feigen and Richard Salter to explain why Matrix® will change how you approach implant dentistry forever.

We’ll discuss:
– Eliminating the need for abutments
– Increasing implant precision by 73%
– Reducing the risk of peri-implantitis
– Simplifying the prosthetic workflow
– Individual healing with the first-ever digital healing collar library
– High-precision full-arch scanning with Matrix® Scanbridge

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