Free Dental Webinar About How to Add Teeth Whitening to Your Practice

Free Dental Webinar: How to add teeth whitening to your practice image

Teeth whitening has well and truly hit the mainstream. From posting social media selfies to seeing their image in video calls, consumers are more aware of their smiles than ever before — and they want their pearly whites looking, well, white.

And it’s not just a celebrity trend. The popularity of teeth whitening has exploded with everyday Australians too. According to the Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) annual oral habits survey, 22 per cent of the 25,000 respondents said they whitened their teeth in 2022. That’s an eight per cent increase since 2017.

After a deluge of cheap over-the-counter teeth whitening products stormed the market in recent years, consumers seem to be turning back to the dentist for professional-standard teeth whitening. Dr Lawrence Neville, principal dentist and owner of Spa Dental, is seeing a huge demand for teeth whitening at his Sydney-based practice.

“We’re doing hundreds and hundreds of teeth whitening treatments. It has become a major source of revenue for us,” he says. “I think the over-the-counter teeth whitening trend is reversing. I’m seeing a lot of people who have had poor results with cheap whitening products and now want a professional treatment.”

Dr Lawrence Neville joins Avant Dental’s Ian Feigen and Richard Salter to explain how any dental practice can partner with Avant to offer at-home teeth whitening treatments that generate extra revenue.

We discuss:
– Teeth whitening as a revenue-generating impulse buy
– At-home vs in-chair teeth whitening treatments
– The importance of a well-fitted custom whitening tray
– Selling at-home teeth whitening to your patients
– Teeth whitening scans and custom tray workflows
– Using teeth whitening as a lead-in to cosmetic dentistry

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