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A Dental Rebrand to Reflect the Digital Dental Transformation Occurring Now | Avant Dental image

The dental industry is undergoing rapid transformation

Competition has increased and dental patients churn more than ever before. Corporate dentistry is putting pressure on margins so smaller practices need to become more efficient and focused on business operations. Digital is causing changes at every layer of operations from in-chair scanning to 3D printing and even business operations. And the quality of offshore manufacturing caught up to Australian standards some time ago.

Dentists also continue to struggle to find time outside of their clinic to run their businesses. After all, the chair has a far better ROI than admin, marketing, HR and IT…

But technology can actually provide a competitive advantage, and increase efficiency so that dentists have more time to work on their businesses rather than in their business. There are also enormous opportunities for smart, business-minded dentists to increase their profit, afforded by the efficiencies that this new digital environment provides.

Dental Labs are changing too

Last year we engaged leading consulting firm The Growth Activists, to research the market and provide a strategic recommendation. This included interviewing dentists, technicians, practice owners and practice managers, which provided a deep understanding of the changing landscape and needs of dentists. This put us in a position to confidently transform our business and the services we offer for now, and the future of dentistry.

From this we developed a strategy that embeds innovation and continual improvement right at the heart of the business. The implementation plan included designing new systems and processes to make communication even better; a quality control process that begins right from your order through to final delivery; and efficiency improvements. We have continued upskilling our team, purchased new machinery and with the benefit of scale, technology and automation, we can now provide quality and value that surpasses what is made here in Australia.

We also saw the need for a rebrand. Something that reflects this modern dental lab business.

All of this is focused on not only ensuring we continue to deliver the best products in the world to dentists, but continually improving so you can offer better service and prices to your patients.

A rebrand for a new approach

ADL (Australian Dental Lab) has been servicing dentists just like you, across Australia for more than 40 years. We have now proudly become Avant Dental Leaders to reflect the tech-focused direction the industry is heading.

The old ADL (Australian dental Lab) logo                                The new Avant Dental Leaders logo

Ultimately we will just be Avant. Adding the ‘Dental Leaders’ to the brand name builds a bridge as we transition the brand in the minds of those who already know us.

This is the soft launch of that brand and you are the first people to see it!

How was it done?

Out of the research they established a territory, a space the brand could credibly own and occupy. From this a brand position was developed describing how we differ from our competitors and how our customers view us. And then this was articulated with meaning, and given a new brand name. 

Why the name Avant?

The word was selected from many because it is both relevant and powerful. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as meaning culturally or stylistically advanced.

And synonyms include; advanced, avant-garde, cutting-edge, progressive and state-of-the-art. All of which captures the territory, the position and describes perfectly the culture and capability of the business!

That and the boss liked it!

The boss with a big happy smile on his face

Happy boss


Lastly the brand mark and logo was developed and will be updated on all physical and digital collateral. So keep an eye out, and we do encourage you to reuse our boxes.

We are very excited about the new brand and we know you will be too.

For more information or if you would like to see our new 2020 price list, please call 1800 287 336 or

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