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Avant’s Zirconia Preparation Guidelines | Avant Dental image

Follow our zirconia preparation guidelines to reduce chair time and achieve the greatest patient outcomes by avoiding fractures and remakes.

Zirconia is now the most popular restorative material for crown and bridge. The technologically-advanced material comes in a wide range of shade variations and translucencies to provide a seamless, natural look that will exceed your patients’ expectations.

Zirconia is not just aesthetically superior. It’s also stronger, more durable and more precise than other ceramic restorations.

However, the right preparation is crucial in reducing chair time. Ensuring you avoid fractures and remakes, and achieve the greatest patient satisfaction.

At Avant, we pride ourselves on communicating any issues or irregularities with your preparations and impressions. If problems are identified our technical team will contact you to discuss the most appropriate solution for each unique case.

We’ve created these useful zirconia preparation guidelines to avoid potential issues and wasted clinical time.

Tooth preparation design: Critical success factors

The correct tooth preparation is critical to the success of any zirconia crown or bridge restoration. If you don’t get it right, the crown or bridge will likely lack the proper retention, strength and wear resistance.

What makes crown preparations unsuitable for zirconia restorations

How to prepare an anterior zirconia crown

How to prepare a posterior zirconia crown

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