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8 Ways Avant Makes Dental Implants Easy | Avant Dental image

Avant Dental is your go-to partner for a full range of dental implant solution.

The rise of cosmetic and restorative dentistry has put dental implants at the forefront of Australia’s modern dental industry. Now, state-of-the-art digital technologies, innovative new materials, and world-leading manufacturing facilities are putting an enormous range of dental implant solutions at dentists’ fingertips.

But navigating the thousands of implant types, techniques, materials and brands on the market to find the best solution for your individual patient can be tough.

That’s why you need to partner with Avant Dental. With more than 40 years’ experience, we’ll be your trusted guide through the wide world of dental implants.

From expert pre-planning to real-time design reviews in our virtual lab, our expert technicians will be by your side through every step in the dental implant workflow.

Here are eight ways Avant makes dental implants easy for our partner dentists:

    1. Industry-leading communication

      We know that the success of any implant depends on the communication between the dentist and the lab. That’s why we make good communication our top priority. You’ll have direct access to an expert technician who will be by your side to review difficult designs in our virtual lab. Or you call us, email us, Zoom with us, or even meet us face-to-face. Whatever works for you, works for us.

    2. On-the-spot design alterations

      We take the time pressure out of designs with our innovative virtual lab. Review your designs and ask our design technicians to make on-the-spot alterations. This eliminates time consuming back-and-forths with your lab — and you can get it done from any internet-connected device.

    3. Pre-planning you can trust

      Our commitment to industry-leading communication extends across our entire workflow. Pre-planning on your implant cases is vital to get the best outcomes, and our expert technicians are always on hand to lend assistance during the early stages of your case planning.

    4. Full range of solutions

      Avant is your one-stop implant shop. From single restorations to full arch rehabilitation cases and in-house colour matching with our trained technicians, we have a solution for every type of implant. We work with all implant brands in the market, so you’ll never get locked out of the best solution or material for your patient. And we can provide you with various types of angled
      solutions and abutment types for difficult implant cases.

    5. No surgeon needed

      Stop referring your patients to dental surgeons as part of your implant workflow. After digital scans have been taken and the case has been virtually reviewed, Avant provides a 3D-printed surgical guide that locks into place like a splint. A metal sleeve is used to stop the drill at the exact level required in the bone.

  1. Digital and analogue options

    We’ve invested in the latest digital technologies, and have a full digital workflow you can call on. While we love the speed and accuracy of digital scans, we accept analogue impressions too. So whether you’re old school or new, you have a home at Avant.

  2. Experience you can’t beat

    As an implant specialist and the head technician at Avant, I have more than 40 years’ experience working directly with busy dentists. I understand the pressures you’re under, and what’s required from a dental lab to achieve the best outcome for each and every patient — and so does my team.

  3. World-class manufacturing facilities

    We manufacture in the best state-of-the-art facilities around the world, including right here at home in our technologically advanced lab in Sydney. That’s why we can deliver the best quality at competitive prices and on flexible turnaround-times to suit your needs and budget.

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