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5 Reasons Dentists Choose Avant Aesthetic Zirconia | Avant Dental image

Dentists are choosing Avant Aesthetic Zirconia for its superior strength, aesthetics, translucency and colour stability.

Zirconia has become the go-to material for dental restorations. It’s renowned for its biocompatibility, superior strength, translucency, colour stability and versatility. But not all zirconia products are created equal.

Ian Feigen, Technical Director at Avant Dental Leaders, explains that while there are hundreds of zirconia brands on the market today, dental zirconia is only produced by around five or six manufacturers.

“That means the zirconia produced by this handful of manufacturers is rebranded and on-sold by many different companies around the world, so you often don’t know the source and quality of zirconia you’re buying,” he says.

Avant has solved that problem by partnering with Aidite, a world-leading zirconia producer. The company operates a space-age facility in China, and exclusively uses high-quality dental zirconia sourced from the Tosoh Corporation in Japan.

“Around 80% of dental zirconia is manufactured in Japan, and Tosoh produces the best of the best,” Ian explains. “That is the source of all Avant Aesthetic Zirconia products.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Avant has received a lot of glowing feedback from dentists who are using Avant Aesthetic Zirconia in their practices. Dr. Michael Dimitrov B.D.S. shares his experience using Avant’s Zirconia Aesthetic Pro:

“I have been using Avant’s Zirconia Aesthetic Pro for several months, after its inception at Avant. This material has the strength of zirconia and the aesthetics of e.Max. Gone are the days where you need to compromise aesthetics for strength, this material is the best of both worlds. The crowns look phenomenal, by far the most aesthetic and flexible material I’ve used for crown and bridge. Keep up the good work guys!”

Here are five reasons why dentists are agreeing with Dr Dimitrov and choosing Avant Aesthetic Zirconia:

1. Superior, uniform strength

Traditionally, dental labs have supplied zirconia materials in a range of strengths to suit different indications. However, using the wrong zirconia strength for the indication in question can lead to fracturing. Avant solves this problem with our uniform-strength Aesthetic Zirconia.

“We provide one single zirconia strength that covers all indications,” says Ian. “So you don’t need to worry about fractures due to using an incorrect strength.

“The strength at the incisal layer is very similar to the strength of natural enamel, and wears at the same rate as natural enamel.”

2. Natural translucency with no compromises

Avant’s Aesthetic Zirconia is 57% translucent, which is very similar to natural dentition. And Aidite is able to achieve this without compromising the strength of the material.

“Ceramic is traditionally added to increase translucency, but this also results in a loss of strength,” Ian explains.

“That’s not the case with Avant Aesthetic Zirconia. Aidite is able to achieve a high 57% translucency with no added ceramic. It’s the best dental product that I’ve seen.”

3. Low abrasion for natural wear

Avant Aesthetic Zirconia at the incisal layer is very similar in strength and wear to natural enamel. Its low-abrasion properties also make chair-side adjustments and hand polishing much easier.

“The incisal layer is a little bit softer than the margin area,” Ian explains. “This makes the incisal layer much easier to grind and to hand polish.

“The low-abrasive nature of the material also protects adjacent dentition and will wear at a very similar rate to natural enamel.”

4. Colour stability for results you can trust

Avant’s Aesthetic Zirconia is manufactured from 100% Tosoh material with Aidite’s innovative gradient-layer process. This ensures superior colour stability — and the same result each and every time you use the material.

“Every time I get a block of zirconia, the colour is always the same,” Ian says. “The shade matching is incredible.

“With multi-layer manufacturing you can see visible steps between shades. However, with gradient-layer manufacturing, there are no steps between the shades.”

5. Versatile all-in-one indications 

Avant’s Aesthetic Zirconia is suitable for use in a full range of indications.

“One material covers a full range  of restoration indications,” says Ian. “We can do single crowns, we can do inlays and onlays, posterior and anterior crowns, full crown bridges and even veneers.

“And I don’t need to choose three or four blocks of zirconia. You’re going to know what I’ve given you covers everything, and what you’re getting is the same every time.”

For more information about Avant Aesthetic Zirconia, including full tooth preparation guidelines, check out our recent webinar.

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