Lead Times

What's Your Turn-around Time?

Classic orders – 2 to 3 Weeks. Priority orders – 5 days in lab plus a day for courier.

Do You Offer a Rush Service for Special Cases and Is There a Fee?

We offer a priority plus service – 2 days in lab for all ceramic cases (less than 3 units).

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Crack on a Denture?

Priority – 2 days in lab / Classic 2 weeks.


I haven't placed an order with you yet, how can I place my first order?

Please fill out the new account form and give us a call on 1800 287 336.

What to do when I've run out of order forms?

You can download and print order forms from our website here.

Can I pay over the phone with credit card?

Yes. Mastercard / Visa 1% surcharge; Amex 1.3% surcharge.

Where can I send relevant photos for a case?

Please email tech@avantdental.com.au

How do i get set up in Avant customer portal to assess statements & track my jobs?

Please call us on 1800 287 336 or email us at contact@avantdental.com.au and we will set you up within our customer portal.

Quality and Service

What Makes Your Dental Lab Unique?

At Avant, we provide direct access for dentists to communicate with our Technical Director. We work with you to determine the most appropriate and personalised products and services for your patients needs so that we can deliver the right balance of flexibility, pricing, turnaround-times and quality.

Can I design a preview of my case before proceeding to finish?

Yes! we can email design pictures to you for approval.

Do You Provide In-Person Consultations For Our Patients?

Yes. We have a surgery in our dental lab especially for patient consultation on difficult shade and complex cases.

Do You Use Genuine Manufacturer-supplied Materials?

Yes, all of our materials are TGA approved and manufactured under ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System.

How Do You Ensure Quality Control Within Your Lab?

We have a stringent quality control process carried out by our Techinical Director. With over 40 years experience, he is one of Australia’s most experienced dental technicians. Every case is assessed with the quality checked by our Technical Director prior to dispatching the case.

Does the Dental Lab Offer Practice Support?

Yes, we provide direct communication with our technicians on technical support over the phone, email or in person.

Is It Possible to Visit the Laboratory?

Yes, our dental lab is based in Sydney and dentists are welcome to come and visit us to discuss a case or see the lab.

Book a Pickup

How can I book a pick up?

The easiest way to book a pickup is via our website link or you can call the lab on 1800 287 336.

Toll has not collected my parcel, what should I do?

We’re sorry to hear Toll has not collected your parcel. You will need to re-book Toll online or advise them to call their driver directly.


Can I please have the link for the webinar replay?

Please email us at contact@avantdental.com.au and we will send you a link to the webinar replay.

I haven't received my CPD certificate.

CPD certificates will be emailed to everyone who attended the live webinar. If you attended the webinar and you have not received your certificate, please email us at contact@avantdental.com.au and we will email your certificate to you.


Where can I find your price list?

Intra Oral Scanners

How do I connect my iTero scanner with Avant?

Please call us on 1800 287 336 or email us at contact@avantdental.com.au and we will put you in touch with the rep so that they can connect you from their end.

How do I connect my Sirona scanner with Avant?

Please email us contact@avantdental.com.au and we’ll send you the instructions on how to connect your scanner.

Can you check if my scan is ok while my patient is in the chair?

Yes. Give our lab a call on 1800 287 336 and we will be able to access our portal and check your scans live while your patient is in the chair

Where can I send relevant photos for a case?


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