From a full cast crown to a full cast inlay and onlay, Avant Dental designs and manufactures a range of precise Full Cast Restoration solutions to suit every patient need. Our expert technicians work closely with dentists throughout the entire restoration workflow to help deliver the best treatment outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

Superior strength and durability

Avant designs and manufactures Full Cast Restorations with superior strength and durability for industry-leading longevity. Our full cast semi-precious, precious metal or non precious metal restorations can withstand significant occlusal forces, and will last for many years with the proper care.

Precision you can count on

All our full cast restorations are designed and manufactured with the latest CAD/CAM technology for precise accuracy. We accept digital scans and manual impressions, and invite dentists to make on-the-spot alterations to full cast restoration designs in real time in our online virtual lab.

Range of quality materials

Avant offers a range of full cast semi-precious, precious metal or non-precious metal restorations. From a full cast gold crown to a semi or non precious full cast inlay and onlay, our expert technicians can help you choose the best material for your patient’s functional and aesthetic needs. We can also provide opaque on metal post and core restorations, and root caps.


What are Full Cast Restorations?

Full Cast Restorations, also known as full cast crowns or metal crowns, are a type of dental restoration used to restore a severely damaged or decayed tooth to its normal shape, function, and aesthetics.

They are commonly used in cases where a tooth’s structural integrity has been compromised and other types of dental restorations, like composite fillings or porcelain crowns, might not be suitable due to the extent of damage.

How are Full Cast Restorations made?

The dentist begins by preparing the damaged or decayed tooth. Then an impression or digital scan is taken to capture the exact shape and dimensions of the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth.

The impression or scan is sent to Avant, where one of our expert technicians uses it to create a model of the patient’s teeth and a wax pattern of the full cast restoration with careful consideration given to the patient’s occlusion and aesthetics.

The wax pattern is then encased in a material called dental investment. This investment is placed in a special oven or furnace to burn out the wax. Molten metal – usually a metal alloy such as gold or a non-precious metal – is then poured into the mould through a process called casting.

After the metal has cooled and solidified, the investment material is carefully broken away to reveal the rough casting of the full cast crown, or the full cast inlay and onlay. The rough casting is then refined using various tools and techniques to achieve the desired fit, contour, and smoothness.

What are the benefits of Full Cast Restorations?

Strength and durability: Full Cast Restorations are known for their exceptional strength and durability. They are less likely to fracture or chip compared to other types of restorations, making them especially suitable for restoring teeth that endure significant occlusal forces, such as molars.


Minimal Tooth Removal: While some tooth structure needs to be removed to accommodate the restoration, a full cast crown typically requires less reduction of the tooth compared to other options like porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.


Minimal wear on opposing teeth: The metal used in Full Cast Restorations tends to cause less wear on the teeth that come into contact with the restoration compared to other materials like porcelain.

Precision fit: Avant’s Full Cast Restorations are crafted with a high degree of precision, ensuring a snug and accurate fit over the prepared tooth. If minor adjustments are needed after cementation, Full Cast Restorations are relatively easy for the dentist to adjust or modify.

Why choose Avant for Full Cast Restorations?

Whether you favour a completely digital workflow or prefer to take physical impressions, Avant can work with you to design and manufacture quality Full Cast Restorations, including a full cast crown and a full cast inlay and onlay.

Our expert dental technicians are highly trained in Full Cast Restorations, and we use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world and at home in our Sydney-based lab.

We also offer a range of materials for Full Cast Restorations including full cast gold crown, full cast semi-precious,precious or non-precious metal, and our technicians are here to assist throughout your entire Full Cast Restoration workflow.

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