Avant is a leading provider of Digital Smile Design services in Australia. We use advanced digital technology and an efficient five-step workflow to deliver high-quality treatment outcomes and reduce clinical time for busy dentists. Our expert technicians will help plan your treatments, and provide a digital design proposal and a 3D trial model you can use to closely engage your patients throughout the Digital Smile Design process.

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Advanced design technology

Our advanced Digital Smile Design technology helps your patient visualise their treatments to align expectations, prevent miscommunication and improve patient satisfaction. On-the-spot design adjustments can be made with your patient’s input in our online virtual lab.

Efficient five-step workflow

We use a clear and efficient five-step Digital Smile Design workflow so you and your patients will know the status of their case at a glance. This includes a design proposal and 3D model trial to ensure we achieve the exact results your patient desires.

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Smile design for small practices

We provide full-service Digital Smile Design from our Sydney lab to enable small general dental practices to achieve cosmetic patient outcomes that are as good as — or better than — the larger players.

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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design uses advanced technology and digital tools to plan, design and visualise a patient’s ideal smile.

It’s a modern, digital approach to cosmetic dentistry that enhances treatment predictability with thorough pre-planning, enables greater personalisation, and improves communication and collaboration between the lab, dentist and patient.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

Avant has created an efficient five-step Digital Smile Design workflow:

  1. Patient consultation: The dentist assesses the patient’s existing dentition, identifies their goals, and takes an intraoral scan.
  2. Design proposal: Avant creates a design proposal based on the outcomes for the patient consultation.
  3. Design approval: The dentist and patient review the design proposal and make on-the-spot alterations in our online virtual lab.
  4. 3D model trial: Avant prints a 3D model with a suck-down template, a putty key or an injectable stent. The dentist fit the temporary model for the patient to trial.
  5. Treatment begins: Once the trial is complete, Avant manufactures and colour-matches the required veneers, crowns, bridges or implants. The dentist then begins treatment.

What are the benefits of using Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design comes with benefits for the patient and the dentist. As Digital Smile Design is a highly personalised process, the patient is engaged throughout the treatment planning stage. This tends to keep the patient’s expectations closely aligned with the treatment goals, which typically improves patient satisfaction with the overall outcome.

Avant’s five-step Digital Smile Design workflow also makes treatment planning more efficient for dentists and reduces clinical time traditionally spent on time-consuming adjustments.

How long does the Digital Smile Design process take?

Every treatment is different, so the duration of the Digital Smile Design process typically varies between patients. The complexity of the treatment has the heaviest impact on its duration.

Dentists also tend to have different preferences for the duration of the trial period, depending on the type and complexity of the treatment.

Can Digital Smile Design be used to fix multiple dental issues?

Absolutely. Digital Smile Design takes a whole-of-smile approach to create the patient’s dream smile.

This may include multiple treatments to address teeth misalignment, tooth discolouration, tooth size and shape irregularities, tooth damage or wear, uneven gum lines, and bite issues.

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