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An accurate dental diagnostic wax up is a must for many restoration and orthodontic treatments. Avant’s precise diagnostic wax ups are designed and manufactured in close collaboration with the dentist to set each and every treatment up for success. Our diagnostic wax ups help dentists to assess the treatment sequence, identify potential challenges, and give patients a realistic 3D visualisation of the proposed treatment. 

Comprehensive treatment planning

At Avant, we never underestimate the critical value of comprehensive treatment planning. Our diagnostic wax ups are made to precise specifications to establish accurate tooth alignment, position, inclination and occlusal relations.

Avant Dental_3D Printed_Diagnostic Wax Up
Avant Dental_Digital Diagnostic Wax Up

Superior precision and accuracy

Avant can help you significantly reduce your remake rate with our superior precision and accuracy. It comes down to the attention we pay to designing high-quality diagnostic wax ups that are the cornerstone of effective treatment planning. 

Improved patient acceptance

Expert Avant technicians go the extra mile to finish each and every diagnostic wax up with artistic detailing to create a life-like model. That gives your patients a realistic 3D visualisation of their restoration to help boost your treatment acceptance rate.

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What is a dental diagnostic wax up?

Diagnostic wax ups play a critical role in comprehensive treatment planning. It’s essentially a three dimensional wax model of the patient’s teeth that provides a visual and physical representation of the proposed dental restoration or treatment plan. 

Avant’s expert technicians can create precise diagnostic wax ups from manual impressions or digital scans that give dentists an accurate method to assess occlusion and the contour and shape of the teeth.

How are diagnostic wax ups made?

Physical impressions or digital scans are used to create 3D printed  or plaster models of the patient’s teeth, and the model is mounted digitally on an articulator to replicate the patient’s natural occlusion. 


Avant’s expert technicians then simulate changes in tooth shape, size, alignment, and contour. Finally, our technicians use artistic detailing techniques to create a lifelike representation.

What are the benefits of diagnostic wax up?

Comprehensive treatment planning: A diagnostic wax up is an invaluable tool for visualising the treatment sequence and identifying any potential challenges. It serves as a critical physical blueprint for a wide range of dental restorations.

Collaboration with your lab: Avant’s technicians use diagnostic wax ups as a key collaborative reference with the dentist for the overall design of the restoration, and ensures our technicians consistently deliver optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Precision and accuracy: An accurate diagnostic wax up gives the dentist an opportunity to closely assess the proposed treatment for precise tooth alignment, proportion, and occlusal harmony. This helps avoid potential complications and achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

Patient acceptance: A diagnostic wax up gives the patient a powerful way to visualise their proposed treatments. This ensures the patient and dentist are aligned on the treatment outcome, and gives the patient an opportunity to raise concerns or request changes early in the treatment planning process.

Can a dental diagnostic wax up be used for any type of dental treatment?

A dental diagnostic wax up can be used for just about any treatment that involves changes to the shape, size, alignment or aesthetics of the teeth. That typically includes veneers, crowns, bridges, full-arch restorations, implant placement, digital smile design, and a range of other orthodontic treatments. 

Why choose Avant for dental diagnostic wax up?

At Avant, we never underestimate the importance of comprehensive treatment planning. Our expert technicians will be by your side throughout the entire treatment plan, and our diagnostic wax ups are a critical communication tool in the treatment planning process.

We use the wax up as the cornerstone of our collaboration with you and your patient. It’s how we support you to consistently deliver precise, accurate dental treatments without unexpected challenges.

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