With outstanding balance of strength and aesthetic accuracy, Zirconia restorations give a natural look that blends in with tooth colour. 

Zirconia’s versatile properties and biocompatibility  can be used for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges and designed to fit all types of preparations and all implant solutions.

veneer mould

Lithium disilicate | e.max®

Lithium disilicate brings durability and aesthetics together in a metal-free solution, offering high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technique.

Lithium disilicate offers clinically proven visual appeal, versatility and reliability.

Vita Enamic

Hybrid material which combines the characteristics of a ceramic and composite employed for use with CAD/CAM technology. This hybrid ceramic is 86% ceramic and 14% polymer meaning flexibility and strength which balances strength and elasticity and provides high absorption of masticatory forces.

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