ceramic moulds

Avant Dental offers a range of all-ceramic dental restoration products that enable dentists to achieve superior treatment outcomes. Our world-class zirconia, high-strength e.max® and flexible Vita Enamic solutions all deliver superior strength, durability, biocompatibility and aesthetic appeal than traditional metal restoration alternatives. 

World-class zirconia restorations

Recent advances in zirconia materials have changed the game for all-ceramic dental restorations. Avant uses the world’s strongest and most translucent zirconia material to achieve natural-looking all-ceramic crowns and all-ceramic bridge treatments that deliver superior strength, durability, staining resistance and biocompatibility than metal alternatives.

ceramic moulds

High-strength e.max® solutions

e.max® is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material that is renowned for its exceptional aesthetics, strength and durability. It is highly regarded for its natural appearance, translucency, and ability to mimic the optical properties of natural teeth. Lithium disilicate is metal-free and clinically-proven for crown, veneer, inlay, onlay and bridge restorations.

Flexible hybrid ceramic alternatives

Avant’s Vita Enamic hybrid ceramic restorations combine the superior strength of ceramics with the greater flexibility of polymer. At 86% ceramic and 14% polymer, Vita Enamic restorations balance strength and flexibility to provide high absorption of masticatory forces.


What are All-Ceramic Dental Restorations?

All-ceramic dental restorations, also known as all-ceramic crowns or all-ceramic bridges, are dental prosthetics that are used to restore damaged or missing teeth.

Unlike traditional dental restorations that may include metal components, all-ceramic restorations are made entirely of ceramic materials.

How are All-Ceramic Restorations made?

Avant’s expert technicians use world-class manufacturing facilities to fabricate our industry-leading ceramic dental restorations. We accept manual impressions, and digital scans from all major software platforms. 

Our accurate diagnostic wax-ups ensure high-level precision, and enable dentists to deliver consistent treatment outcomes with exact patient fitment.

We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software and specialised milling machines to ensure precise fabrication and superior strength and durability. 

What are the benefits of All-Ceramic Dental Restorations?

Better aesthetic appeal: All-ceramic crowns and bridges provide superior translucency and more accurate colour matching for natural-looking results. 


Superior biocompatibility: Ceramic materials typically offer greater biocompatibility than metal alternatives, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions or adverse tissue responses.


Greater durability: Avant uses the latest ceramic materials that offer improved strength, increased fracture resistance and better durability than traditional non-ceramic restoration materials.  

Minimal tooth preparation: All-ceramic restorations often require less removal of healthy tooth structure than traditional crown and bridge restorations. This helps preserve the natural tooth as much as possible.

Increased resistance to staining: Ceramic materials used in all-ceramic  crowns and bridges are more resistant to staining for long-term colour stability.

Why choose Avant for All-Ceramic Dental Restorations?

As a leading Australian dental lab, Avant is highly invested in helping you achieve the best possible treatment outcomes – because your success is our success. 

Our expert dental technicians can design all-ceramic restorations to fit all types of preparations and implant solutions, and are standing by to support dentists throughout your restoration workflow.

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